Inspirational Women….Book Teaser


I have spent the past 6 months interviewing, typing up and editing chapters for my book about Inspirational Women. I am just waiting for the interviews to be proof read then it will be on to the creative stage of designing the layout. I have decided to present the book in an A5 magazine format so that I can use lots of pictures to really capture the excellence of each woman that is featured. I am hoping to have the finished product in my hand by February 29th and will be hosting a very special house concert as the official book launch party. I will release more information about that in the next month but in the mean time here is a little book teaser to wet your appetite. Enjoy x You can buy the magazine here.

Laura Kidd: 

“Build a life around your passions rather than the work you don’t care about.”

Becky Kent: 

“My strength comes from within, it’s not something I look to somebody for, it is within myself.”

Aimee  Ashton-Freeman:

“I feel within our society we are so dis-empowered, we feel so muted in terms of the influence we have on our government and our state and reclaiming that space and making it ours that night was a real symbolic act.”

Debs Rose: 

“You have got to be an actor and can create who you want to be and when you come home you can take the mask off and be yourself again.”

Nikki Parkhill: 

“People take the equality that they have for granted”

Pauline Stewart: 

“We make our own fairy-tale endings, it is not down to anyone else, it is down to us.”

Susie Clarke:

 “I have no regrets what so ever, I don’t want to ever feel like I have not given it my best shot.”


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